RESIDENTS, students and businesses are urged to have their say on how the pandemic has had on Cheshire West’s economy and on post-18 education, training and employment opportunities.

They are also being invited to suggest any areas which need additional support.

The fourth meeting of a temporary virtual scrutiny committee of councillors takes place online on September 30 and the committee will be interested to hear any views or experiences from members of the public.

The Scrutiny Committee is keen to understand the impact the pandemic has had on the local economy and the provisions put in place by the council and partners to support and advise businesses and employees.

It also wants to understand the skills provision already in place, and support areas being developed at a borough and sub-regional level, and finally, identify any perceived gaps in provision and make recommendations on minimising the impact on our local economy through prioritisation of services and resources.

The Scrutiny Committee’s role is to ask questions and seek information from the cabinet member, council officers, businesses, partners, and members of the public.

Councillor Martin Barker, Chairman of the Pandemic Response and Recovery Scrutiny Committee, said: "The scrutiny committee can scrutinise anything which affects the quality of lives of west Cheshire residents and we welcome the input from members of the public and partners.

"There is an allocation of 15 minutes public speaking on the agenda for members of the public to address the meeting.

“Scrutiny Members will be commenting on any lessons learned, identifying any examples of best practice and explore if there are any gaps in provision.

“We want to hear about your experiences, concerns or examples on where things have worked well."

The meeting starts online at 6pm on September 30 and can be viewed live. A recording will also be available following the meeting.

Members of the public wishing to address the Committee are required to register their intention with the Director of Governance no less than two clear working days in advance of the meeting, by emailing

For more information about the Pandemic Response and Recovery Scrutiny Committee visit the Council’s website: