CONES and bollards will be replaced by wooden planters to provide a "splash of colour" to the social distancing measures in place on a road in Hoole.

The new planters will be installed on Faulkner Street from 6.30pm on Tuesday, September 22.

The work, which is being carried out by Cheshire West and Chester Council, is scheduled to take place at this time in order to reduce the impact on businesses as the road will need to be closed temporarily.

The planters will replace the cones and bollards that have been used to increase the space for pedestrians to be able to observe social distancing.

Councillor Karen Shore, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Strategic Transport said: "The new planters have a serious role to give extra space and protection for shoppers, in addition they should also provide an extra splash of colour.

"All of the measures we are putting in place are temporary and subject to review. We are trying to find solutions that work for as many people as possible, co-developed with our businesses.

"In the case of Faulkner Street, following meetings with local businesses we have agreed to remove a small number of bays to provide a wider area for pedestrians.

"The on-street bays have been replaced with spaces in Bishop Street car park that have been converted to free 30-minute time limited parking spaces."

Cheshire West and Chester Council says some traffic cones will still be used for a short stretch of Faulkner Street to allow deliveries to be made.