AIRBUS' giant BelugaXL aircraft has expanded its operational reach to include the company's facility in Getafe, Spain.

This aircraft, known as Number Two as it was the second of its type to fly, is working alongside the five A300-600-based BelugaST predecessors.

Chester and District Standard:

Wings aboard the BelugaXL

Today the new aircraft operates several flights per week, transporting all Airbus family horizontal tailplanes and A350 XWB Section 19 (manufactured in Getafe) and A350 XWB wing lower covers (manufactured in Illescas) from Getafe to other Airbus sites in Toulouse, Hamburg and Broughton.

The Getafe site itself also features a 7,200m² hangar which is dedicated to the Beluga fleet loading and unloading operations. In addition to its Getafe missions, the new transporter is also ferrying other major aircraft parts between the various Airbus sites.

Chester and District Standard:

The BelugaXL has added Getafe to its network

The first BelugaXL flew in July 2018.

This aircraft “Number One” is tasked with ongoing flight tests and evolutions.

Entry-into-service of the first operational BelugaXL took place from Toulouse to Broughton on January 9 this year.

By 2023 a total of six A330-based BelugaXL aircraft will be operating between the European Airbus sites.