AN Ellesmere Port teenager squirted a bottle filled with urine at two women as part of a catalogue of 11 offences.

Luke Ashley Binks, 19, of Croft Court, admitted the two assaults, which happened in McGarva Way, Ellesmere Port, on November 26, 2019.

He also admitted four offences which happened when he took a Vauxhall Meriva without permission on January 29 and drove it, without a licence or insurance, and while over the drug-drive limit for cannabis in his system, and crashed the car into another Vauxhall.

Binks also pleaded guilty to smashing the window on the door at the home of his then-partner, with the glass falling on his then-partner, having previously insulted her, on March 10.

He also admitted a charge of cannabis possession from March 11.

Finally, Binks admitted threatening a man in Chester, saying he would "slice" him up, on March 23.

At Chester Magistrates Court on Friday, July 31, chair of magistrates James Fawson said the squirting of urine at the women was "a vile act" and Binks was handed a two-and-a-half-year community order, banned from driving for 12 months and must pay a total of £575 in compensation.

Prosecuting, Alan Currums said when the assaults on the two women happened last November, Binks had said to victim Denin Bridgeman: "I have a bottle of p*** here and it's going in your face."

He squirted liquid at her, and it went on her clothing, and there was a strong smell of urine. There was then a similar incident when he squirted the bottle on the other victim, Carys Evans, and it also went on her clothing.

The assault on his former partner happened on March 10 after she had told him not to arrive at her home.

He did so anyway and when she told him to go away, he said she was acting "like a child" and a "sp***ic".

She went to get a kitchen knife, although had no intention of using it, and he began filming her and threatened to put the footage on social media.

He then smashed a window on the door, with the glass going over his former partner, who screamed.

On March 23, at 6.30pm, a man was walking down a street in Chester when he was approached by Binks, who said: "I will slice you up" and appeared to be carrying something in his pocket.

The man said: "I don't want to fight, stop coming towards me," but Binks responded: "My girlfriend is going to bang you out."

The motoring offences happened on January 29, when Binks had taken a Vauxhall Meriva without permission and crashed into another Vauxhall on Gawsworth Road.

A witness ran to the scene and positioned himself so Binks could not drive the car away.

He also suspected Binks of being under the influence, as he appeared to be "in a confused and relaxed state".

Prior to this spate of offending, Binks had no convictions for motoring offences, the court heard, but did have a record from his time as a youth.

Defending, Richard Simm said it was a long list of offences, but at a previous court hearing a district judge had recommended they all be dealt with by a community order.

Binks had had a difficult childhood and wanted to make changes in his life.

He had pleaded guilty to the assault on his former partner, although he had not directly attacked her, it was the glass which had fallen from the window which hit her.

The Vauxhall had initially been taken by a relative of the complainant before Binks got behind the wheel.

At the time of the attack on the two women, Binks was living in "awful conditions" in a caravan, which was how he had a bottle filled with urine.

Magistrates imposed the two-and-a-half-year community order to feature up to 60 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement and the Resolve programme.

Chair if magistrates James Fawson told Binks: "It's an opportunity for you, at a crossroads in your life, to sort yourself out. If you come before the court again there is only one way for you."

After magistrates said the urine attack was vile, Binks replied: "It was bang out of order, I should not have done it."

Magistrates ordered £200 compensation each to be paid to Denin Bridgeman and Carys Evans, £100 to the man who was verbally threatened in Chester and £75 to contribute to the damaged door repairs.

Binks was also banned from driving for 12 months.