A CHESTER man accused of breaking coronavirus lockdown rules has had the charge withdrawn.

Grzegorz Szczezniak, 47, of Brook Street, had been charged with the offence of being outside of his place where living in England, without reasonable excuse, during the coronavirus emergency period.

Specifically, he was accused of being outside Lloyds Guesthouse, Brook Street, Chester on April 27, without a reasonable excuse.

Mr Szczezniak was originally due to appear before magistrates at Chester Magistrates Court on Friday, July 3, but did not attend.

The case was adjourned until Friday, July 31, when Mr Szczezniak attended but was informed by prosecutors that the charge had been withdrawn.

The Standard understands the case was withdrawn due to the new law's procedure being carried out incorrectly.

People guilty of breaking the coronavirus lockdown law by being outside without a reasonable excuse can only be handed fines.