A SCHOOL has been given the go-ahead to create an extra ten car parking spaces after putting forward the plans following complaints from nearby residents.

Sutton Green Primary School in Armthorpe Drive, Little Sutton, has been receiving complaints from homeowners about staff parking in the surrounding area.

And with the school due to up its pupil capacity from an intake of 40 children per year to 45 from September, which will in turn lead to an increase of four full-time equivalent staff members, a planning application was lodged to create extra on-site parking spaces.

The proposal, which will see the provision of ten additional spaces by expanding the existing hardstanding car park, was given the green light today (July 31).

The expansion will result in the loss of a grassed area at the front of the school and some trees along the boundary.

A council report confirms that a representation had been received in respect of the application leading to an 'increase in traffic, noise and loss of hedges for wildlife'.

In recommending the plans for approval, case officer Angela Wrigley states: "The works would see a loss of the grassed area to the front of the school to allow for the hard standing, this is not considered be of detriment to amenity of the surrounding area.

"The grassed area does not form part of the school playing field.

"The provision of additional parking in this location will bring vehicles closer to the neighbouring property, however given the association of the car parking with the school and the day-time nature of the use, the movement of vehicles is not expected to result in a significant adverse impact upon the residential amenity of the occupiers of neighbouring properties.

Chester and District Standard:

Residents have complained about staff parking on Armthorpe Drive and the surrounding area.

"The increase in the pupil intake at the school requires the increase of teaching staff, and in consideration of the current complaints regarding on-street parking, it was proposed to provide on-site parking to accommodate the staff.

"As such, although it will see the increase of traffic entering the site, it would be expected to reduce the on-street parking leading to congestion.

"It is acknowledged that the increase in pupils may increase traffic during drop-off and pick-up times; however this is outside the scope of this planning application.

"It is considered that the proposed development would have no unacceptable impact in respect of visual amenity or highway safety."

A planning application submitted by Cassidy & Ashton's town planning team, on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council, states: "The school currently has 17 parking spaces for 31 full-time equivalent staff not including midday staff, cleaners and kitchen help.

"The school anticipates full time equivalent staffing numbers will rise to 35 to support the increase in pupil numbers.

"The school currently experience complaints from local residents due to staff parking on Armthorpe Drive and surrounding area.

"The proposed new car parking spaces are located to the left of the existing car park on the presently grassed area adjacent to Armthorpe Drive.

"This area is the only current potential development space available for parking at the site."