A CHESTER school celebrated the end of term with a variety of socially distanced events for Year 6 leavers and the whole school.

The Firs Prep School Chester was able to welcome back all pupils full time from Fir Cones Nursery up to Year 6.

All year groups were safely brought back in bubbles so they could enjoy face-to-face teaching at the inspiring school.

The Newton Lane school celebrated the end of term with an outdoor Year 6 leavers party and Year 6 prize giving ceremony, outdoor transition sessions to introduce year groups to next year’s teachers, and finally with a whole school virtual assembly where children celebrated by wearing bright rainbow colours.

Headteacher Rosemary Blackburn said: “We were absolutely delighted to safely welcome back all our year groups this term!

"By reducing our summer holiday and extending our Easter break, we were successful in ensuring that our pupils had as much face to face teaching as possible.

"The pupils have all really enjoyed returning to school and have adapted brilliantly to our ’new normal’.

"We are fortunate that we are a small school with excellent facilities and space and with our small class sizes and a high teacher to pupil ratio this meant we could successfully implement the Government guidelines and social bubbles.

"In September we look forward to being able to introduce after school activities per year group so the children can once again enjoy our varied and inspiring curriculum.

"I would like to thank all our wonderful teachers who have delivered excellent remote learning but most importantly were adaptable and helped us return safely to school to provide face to face learning for children.

"We are excited about our September term and are confident we will be providing all our pupils with an inspiring and nurturing learning environment."