A BROUGHTON youngster has had her safety design selected to appear on a roundabout that has become a crash hotspot.

The Parc Jasmin Neighbourhood Watch group have placed a banner on what remains of the railings near to the roundabout by their estate in Broughton, near Chester, asking road users to slow down.

The Standard has previously reported that the community group has long-standing concerns about the roundabout where multiple accidents have occurred and continue to raise their worries that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed on their doorstep.

The latest incident on July 18 showed a black car had mounted the curb and crashed through the barrier coming off the A55 into Broughton near the shopping centre.

The group recently held a competition for children from the estate to design a banner highlighting the issue with a prize offered for the winning design donated by Tesco Broughton.

The winner of the competition was six-year-old Maddison Williams, who had her design put in place on Monday evening (July 27) at the roundabout.

David Smith, Parc Jasmin neighbourhood co-ordinator, said: “The community are concerned that should no safety measures be urgently put in place then it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured. Such is our concern the community have made a banner to ask road users to slow down when using the roundabout, and to drive competently and carefully for their own safety and the safety of others.

“The banner is a real community effort. It was kindly donated by resident Stuart Dunning, designed by Maddison Williams and Tesco Broughton Community Champion Alex Jones donated a prize for the winning design.”

Broughton and Bretton community councillor Adam Williams added: “Echoing the comments of Cllr Ryan Mckeown last week, the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency [NMWTRA] have simply been far too slow to respond to the concerns raised by local residents who have been reporting accidents on this roundabout to them since at least 2017.

“Community Councillors, County Councillors and Clerk to the Council have all highlighted the dangers the junction presents, however, following each accident NMWTRA simply replace the railings until the next time without taking necessary action to make the area safer for pedestrians.

“The temporary cones currently put in place whilst bespoke parts are made have been here since April 28 and offer very little protection to anyone entering or leaving the estate, and local residents are extremely concerned for their safety, especially as lockdown restrictions ease and more vehicles start using the road again.

“Although I am delighted to hear the announcement that there are engineering works to come I share the frustrations of the community who are understandably worried using the footpath at present and we would all welcome the work getting underway as soon as possible.”