AN Ellesmere Port woman who smashed a hotel vase and assaulted two police officers has been told her behaviour was "disgraceful".

Sonia Beverley Jones, 35, of Somerville Crescent, pleaded guilty at Chester Magistrates Court on Friday, July 24 to two charges of assaulting emergency workers, criminal damage and being drunk and disorderly.

The court heard she had spat at one of the officers, on one of the last days before the coronavirus lockdown officially began.

Jones was handed an 18-month community order and ordered to pay compensation.

Prosecuting, Debbie Byrne said Jones had been staying at the Chester Court Hotel in Hoole Road, Chester on March 19, when her ex-partner had plied her with drink before they had an argument.

As she went down the stairs to leave the hotel, she deliberately knocked over a vintage porcelain vase lamp, which smashed on the floor.

When police arrived, Jones was wandering in and out of traffic, and appeared intoxicated.

Jones was verbally abusive and spat at police sergeant Heather Fendt, with the spit landing on her body armour. She also kicked special constable Tyson Darlington in the lower stomach and groin.

When interviewed by police, Jones said she did not know why she caused the damage as she liked that hotel.

She had six previous convictions for seven offences, the most recent for an assault charge for which she received a suspended prison sentence, which had since expired.

Defending, Howard Jones said the defendant had had a difficult upbringing and had been a victim of domestic abuse, which had impacted her mental health.

She was at the hotel with a man who was plying her with drink, having gone to get her vodka.

She could not remember much of the incident but accepted what she had done was wrong and was remorseful.

Since the incident, there had been positive changes in the defendant's life, as she had found more stable accommodation and was hoping to be more regularly in contact with her teenage daughter.

She had been fully co-operative with the probation service.

Chair of magistrates Dr Gwyneth Edwards told Sonic Jones: "This is a disgraceful incident.

"You were causing mayhem and then you assaulted those police officers. You spat at one, at the time of the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It's just absolutely not on. We are disgusted by your behaviour that night."

The defendant was sentenced to an 18-month community order to include 35 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement.

She was placed on a four-month, 6pm-6am curfew, and was ordered to pay £250 compensation to the hotel for the smashed vase, plus £100 each to the two police officers.