A CHARITY has issued a reminder that some people are exempt from the new face covering rules and should not be "subject to interrogation or abuse".

Last week the Government announced that it will be 'mandatory' to wear a face covering in shops in England from tomorrow (July 24).

However, Cheshire Centre for Independent Living says the guidance makes clear that there are exemptions for people with some disabilities as well children aged under the age of 11.

The charity, which provides services, opportunities and a voice to people living with disability or long-term health conditions, and their families, is also reminding people that if shop staff and others use face coverings it makes it impossible for people who are deaf to lip read and see facial expressions.

Therefore the guidance states that if you are communicating with someone who is deaf, you can remove your face covering.

Lynne Turnbull, chief executive of Cheshire Centre for Independent Living, said: "I'm delighted that the guidance makes clear that if wearing a face covering is difficult because of disability, health condition or communication issues, then you do not have to wear one.

"We want to make sure people feel confident to go out after a long time stuck at home, and that they are not subject to interrogation or abuse if they are unable to wear a face covering."

Cheshire Centre for Independent Living says it is working with high streets to make sure they recognise the needs of people living with disability and long-term conditions, and to offer welcoming and inclusive shopping experiences.