THE COASTGUARD and emergency services came to the aid of people on the River Dee.

The Coastguard team from Flint was called to assist after a 999 call was made by a man on a boat suffering engine difficulties on the River Dee at the rear of Chester Racecourse in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, July 16).

Just before 1am, the Coastguard Rescue Officers along with firefighters located the vessel in trouble, and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service launched its boat to assist.

Flint RNLI station was also called to the four hour rescue operation. Once on scene they managed to transport the man off the vessel and handed him over to firefighters who lifted him out of the lifeboat with their aerial ladder platform appliance.

Chester and District Standard: Chester and District Standard:

Crews at the scene

The man was then handed over to North West Ambulance Service paramedics for a precautionary check. He was unhurt and was then questioned by Coastguard officers.

It was then established that three other people from the vessel had attempted to make their way ashore on a small tender boat.

With this information both rescue boats proceeded back up river towards Chester weir in an attempt to locate the small tender boat and its three occupants.

Chester and District Standard:

One of the boats

Flint Coastguard reported: "Cheshire Fire Boat Crew located two small tender boats abandoned together above the Weir, further enquires made at The Groves lead us to an eye witness who seen 3 persons get off the tender boats safely ashore.

"Flint Lifeboat made the original vessel secure, whilst Coastguard Officers along with Cheshire Police - Chester Police Officers secured the small tender boats.

"With this information multi agencies involved were happy that all persons were safely ashore and happy to stand down."

Chester and District Standard:

Firefighters attended

The Coastguard OIC (Officer In Charge) said: "I would like to thank all involved this was a brilliant example of multi agency working, working hard for approximately four hours to locate all occupants of the vessels, Luckily on this occasion it was a successful outcome."