A YOGA teacher in Chester has expressed dismay as the new coronavirus regulations have meant he is still struggling to hold classes professionally.

Yoga teacher and therapist Matt Mahon says there is a "double standard" in that the new lockdown easing measures on July 4 will mean people can meet in pubs and restaurants, but he will be unable to teach to more than five people, all socially distanced, and outside.

He has written to City of Chester MP Chris Matheson about the issue.

He explained: "Outside classes are not practical with the UK weather, and does not help with people's needs and rights for privacy when they practise.

"I have been teaching classes online, but this doesn't work for lots of people, for many reasons.

"I regard my field as critical to many people's physical and mental health, including my own.

"Yoga and independent gyms, I'm sure you are aware, have gained quite a bit of traction over the last couple of years in the Chester area, and the UK in general, and represent a large group of diverse people.

"I understand this is trying times for everyone, but I believe there is a double standard happening that is going against science, which is quite clear to me.

"My point is that if the government says it's safe for people to sit next to strangers in pubs, restaurants, cinemas etc without masks and with the possibility of inebriation (who's drinking and eating with a mask on?).

"In my experience large retail shops once inside are displaying close to no distancing.

"If this is happening then we should be able to at least teach small groups of registered members in controlled environments. Observing two-metre distance rules, using own equipment/PPE, sanitising wherever relevant.

"I know this is not your choice, but you are the closest we can get to those that chose."

Matt added he is looking to plan a small, organised class on July 4, observing all social distancing rules, for a 60-minute session followed by 30 minutes of meditation, in an effort to demonstrate how yoga classes can be held responsibly.

Matt said: "Our plan is not to disrupt in any way, but to prove that we can act responsibly.

"I'm sure it will only be a small gathering, but according to rules, if seven of us show up we are breaking those rules. Additionally, at this rate it'll either be raining or 25C outside, proving that outside classes in the UK are not that practical."