FIREFIGHTERS in Ellesmere Port were called to an uncontrolled burning of garden waste in Straker Avenue on Monday night (June 1).

Two fire engines attended from Ellesmere Port at 9.17pm.

Crews used a hose reel to put out the fire and damp down the area.

It comes after Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service warned residents about the recent increase in outdoor blazes.

The situation has prompted fire chiefs to urge residents not to light fires, just days after making an appeal following a steep rise in call outs to blazes out in the open.

  • Firefighters were called to a smouldering tree by a footpath in Hillside Drive, Ellesmere Port, at 10.17am on Monday.

One fire engine from Ellesmere Port attended the scene and crews used a hose reel to extinguish the tree, then cut the tree down to make it safe.