CHESHIRE Constabulary has issued an update on its helpdesk services at Blacon and Ellesmere Port police stations.

Residents who need to report an issue to the force via the helpdesks can do so by turning up at a station and using the telephone outside.

The telephone connects to the main control room 24-hours a day.

Anyone who rings up will be asked a series of screening questions in relation to coronavirus to assist police in safeguarding its staff and other members of the public.

If there are no concerns in relation to health, a person will be able to enter and speak to the helpdesk staff.

Some issues could be resolved during the conversation with the switchboard, which might enable some members of the public not having to enter a station.

Information and issues can also be reported to Cheshire Constabulary online via In an emergency, where a crime is taking place or there is a danger to life, always dial 999.

The helpdesk at Blacon is open from 8am to 8pm daily, while Ellesmere Port is open 8am until 4pm, Monday to Friday.