FRODSHAM police caught this fowl pair loitering outside their police station.

On Thursday, Frodsham Police tweeted they spotted the pair of what appear to be guinea fowl outside the station.

However, it was considered to be a poultry matter and no action was taken.

Officers took the opportunity to thank the human inhabitants of Frodsham for observing social distancing regulations.

Police tweeted: "Unfortunately I caught these two just before not adhering to the Government's guidelines on social distancing! Thankfully I'm pleased to say most of you are still adhering to the guidelines, so thank you. Have a safe evening. #StayHomeStaySafe"

During lockdown in the UK there have been a number of incidents of animals encroaching on areas that would normally be occupied by people.

At the start of the month Llandudno was branded a "goat town" when goats from the Great Orme were seen wandering around the town.

After seeing images of the goats on twitter, US comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres said Llandudno would be the first place she visits once travel restrictions are lifted.