Summer holidays abroad look increasingly unlikely to go ahead this year as the UK remains under lockdown and travel restrictions remain in place.

The Foreign Office has advised against all non-essential travel “indefinitely,” so travelling abroad in the near future remains highly unlikely at the moment.

Will travel restrictions be lifted in time for autumn and winter holidays?

As cases of Covid-19 continue to decrease in the UK, and news that other countries are looking at lifting their lockdown restrictions may seem like positive steps - there is no firm answer on whether we will be able to jet off for the rest of 2020.

While there is currently no indication that the Foreign Office advice will have changed by the end of the year, there is no harm in fantasising about your next holiday abroad.

Here are some winter sun destinations you might be dreaming about during lockdown - and average temperatures for October, November and December according to the Met Office.


The average October temperature for Cancun is around 32.9, as “the warm Caribbean Sea and the north-east trade winds serve to create a typical tropical coastal climate across the eastern coast of Mexico,” explains the Met Office.

The month of October marks the decline of the wet season, but for those who dislike humidity, it’s still relatively high, at around 80 per cent.


Marrakech has an average October temperature of 28.3C, and there’s plenty to explore in this city rich in history and culture.

There’s typically eight hours of sunshine a day in the month of October.


The average October temperature in Lanzarote is 26.8C, with an average of 7 hours daily, and a minimum temperature of 19C during the night.

Rain during October is usually at its most moderate, with an average of 11 mm. The wind speed also drops during October to around 11.1 mph.

Sea temperatures are close to their warmest at 27C.


The average October temperature is 22.4C. Rome has a wealth of ancient history, including the Roman Forum, the Vatican and the Colosseum - not to mention the city’s array of delicious meditteranean cuisine on offer.

Rome has an average of 8 hours of sunshine each day, but rainfall does increase during the month of October.


The Algarve has an average October temperature of 23.2C in the day, and lows of 14C during the night.

The Mediterranean climate does gradually decrease during October as the season heads towards autumn, but sunshine hours remain at an average of just over seven hours daily.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has an average October temperature of 26C. Although temperatures are relatively consistent throughout the year, they peak at an average of 26C in October.

Rainfall is also relatively minimal during this month, averaging at 88 mm.

Gran Canaria

With an average October temperature of 26.4 °C, Gran Canaria is the most populous of the Canary Islands.

It has 147 miles of coastline and 60 miles of golden beaches, making it a popular place to relax and get some winter sun.

October in Gran Canaria is warm, sunny and dry. The sea tends to be at its warmest at this time of year, with an average temperature of 22 ºC.

Rain is rare, averaging 19 mm over the course of the month.


The Greek island has an average October temperature of 26C, with around eight hours of daily sunshine and average wind speeds of 4.1 mph.

Average rainfall does increase to 55 mm, but it’s still a largely dry month.

However, October marks the end of the warm season with cloud cover steadily increasing toward the end of the month. The beginning of October has the greatest chance of sunshine.


Cyprus has an average temperature of 26.7C in the month of October, with 10 hours of sunshine each day.

The sea temperature is still warm during October, averaging at 24C.