POLICE officers have been on the border to make sure drivers were entering Wales only if it was absolutely necessary.

Usually, North Wales is open for business and tourism but, during the current coronavirus outbreak, North Wales Police are urging people to stay away unless their travel is essential.

Officers were in Saltney yesterday, next to the 'Welcome to Wales' sign to reinforce the message.

The South Flintshire team tweeted: "Not the "Welcome to Wales" we would normally wish to give drivers, but the message is vital.

"Officers have this afternoon been out on the border in Saltney educating drivers.

"Pleased to report roads fairly quiet and most of drivers stopped were following government guidelines."

With Easter approaching, police and other key organisations in North Wales have urged people to only make essential journeys and not to visit the region to safeguard and support our local health services.

After a weekend of action in North Wales, Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Nigel Harrison said: “Our advice is do not travel into north Wales illegally . Moving around can easily accelerate the spread of the virus. We continue to communicate this message to any visitors who are planning to travel to north Wales for the Easter break as well as to second-home owners and anybody staying in AirBnb premises.

“The NHS and other key workers are doing an incredible job in keeping the public safe, but we ask you to consider that increasing the population of our area will place an unreasonable burden on them. People should not think of ways of circumventing the law, this is about making sure loved ones don’t die because of a few selfish actions, the police should not be needed to reinforce common sense.

“Everyone must contribute to the national effort to respond to the coronavirus outbreak and I am grateful to the vast majority who have made significant changes to their daily habits and routines.

“We will continue to play our part. Teams are out and about and our officers will continue to engage with people, establish their individual circumstances and will continue to explain the risks and warn of the consequences of failing to comply with the guidance.

“We continue to ask people to consider whether their journey is essential. We all have a shared responsibility to protect the NHS, please use your common sense and help us together to save lives.”