CHESTER FC is playing its part during the coronavirus crisis with an initiative to support volunteers, supporters and vulnerable residents.

The club, together with Chester FC Community Trust, will be contacting older City Fans United members, season ticket holders and volunteers in an effort to reduce social isolation during the lockdown.

The Blues say the initiative is open to the whole community, not just Chester FC supporters, and is looking for volunteers who can help from home.

In a statement, Chester FC said: "The new measures minimising social contact represent a major change in our daily lives and can increase feelings of isolation, particularly among the most vulnerable in our community.

"Whether it is a friendly chat, a chance to talk about the Blues or organising assistance with shopping, we will be available for a regular call to offer support and promote positive well-being during this difficult time.

"The response of communities across West Cheshire to this crisis has been inspiring and the club has offered its full support to Cheshire West and Chester Council.

"This new initiative is open to anyone in the local area in need of extra support or a chat, not just Chester FC supporters.

"If you or someone you know would like to register, email or contact 07512 355396. We would also welcome help from supporters who can volunteer a couple of hours at home each week to be part of the new initiative.

"To register your interest or find out more email"