AN employee at Chester's MBNA bank is self-isolating after developing symptoms of coronavirus, the union branch has confirmed.

Unite Chester said they received reports of an alleged coronavirus case at Cawley House on Thursday.

But the union confirmed over the weekend that a staff member is self-isolating with symptoms of the virus and that it is not a confirmed case.

The bank's huge Cawley House base on Chester Business Park underwent an immediate clean and staff who may have been in contact with the person have been informed.

It comes after MBNA bank, which is owned by Lloyds Banking Group, confirmed earlier this month that an employee had tested positive for coronavirus.

A statement on the Unite Chester Facebook page over the weekend said: "Following further investigations by your Unite team into the alleged Coronavirus case reported on Thursday, we can confirm that a colleague in Cawley house is self isolating with symptoms of Covid-19.

"The Group have confirmed they have taken the appropriate steps to trace colleague activity and contact from the affected colleague. There has also been a retroactive clean of the affected areas.

"We would encourage anyone showing symptoms to consult the 111 online service and follow the advice provided."

In a further post, the union added: "In this instance, Lloyds investigated as quickly as possible and after a lot of further investigation and effort on their part, found there may have been an issue with the reporting of a likely case.

"They've taken immediate steps to rectify, based on the colleagues movements, proximity and colleague having already self isolated responsibly.

"As always follow the advice provided and if you have any concerns, transparently outline them to management at the earliest convenience."

Cawley House remains open although a number of areas in the building, such as meeting rooms, have been closed off to reduce "potential contamination between colleagues", Unite said.