CHESTER MP Chris Matheson has commended the Royal Marines for their work in the Arctic Circle, following a visit to a military base in Norway through the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme.

Mr Matheson has taken part in a number of events as a member of the scheme, which give MPs the chance to experience military life and see first-hand the work done by personnel, and recently spent a week with the Royal Marines at Bardufoss in northern Norway.

During the visit, the Chester Labour MP accompanied marines on their duties, including spending a night out in the field, joining training on amphibious assault craft, and taking part in Arctic warfare training exercises.

He said: “I am a big supporter of our armed forces but every time I make one of these visits I get more impressed.

"Our hardworking servicemen and women are a vital presence in this region, undertaking vital training to maintain their capabilities against the threats from our adversaries in this harshest of environments.”

“Seeing them carry out their duties in temperatures as low as -20 degrees was a real inspiration, however difficult and unpleasant, and I am grateful to them not just for allowing us to join them to experience their training first-hand, but also for their dedication and service all year round.”