A FOUR-YEAR plan promising to work with residents and build stronger communities has won the support of every Cheshire West councillor.

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s new plan – called Play Your Part to Thrive – outlines how it will tackle six challenges from 2020 to 2024, working with residents and other public bodies.

Cllr Louise Gittins, CWaC’s Labour leader, told the full council meeting on Thursday, February 20: “This plan harnesses the strengths, hopes and dreams of our communities.

“Our vision is clear and sees everyone playing their part in building greener, fairer, stronger communities – working together to tackle our shared challenges.

“We have to make sure that every penny we spend counts and is making a difference to people’s lives.”

The plan, which was unanimously approved, explains how much cash will go towards capital projects for each of the council’s six priorities by 2024.

CWaC expects to invest £180.5 million into improving the borough’s neighbourhoods, £94.6 million into growing the local economy to deliver good jobs with fair wages, and £71.8 million on being an ‘efficient and empowering council’ that works proactively with its residents.

A further £29.3 million will be invested into supporting youngsters to make the best start in life and fulfil their potential, £16.2 million into tackling the climate emergency, and £13.7 million into helping adults live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Each priority area will also benefit from cash in CWaC’s revenue budget – including £124.9 million going towards supporting adults’ social care, health and wellbeing in 2020-21.

Consultation on the plan took place last autumn, with comments from councillors and residents all being taken on board before the final version was put together.

Cllr Margaret Parker, leader of CWaC’s Conservative group, said: “The Conservative group welcomes this council plan.

“We were very pleased that our submission and recommendations that we put forward have gone into that plan – part of our manifesto, actually, which is good.

“I hope it does work, and we will work with you to make sure it does, but we will be watching carefully to make sure – we will keep our eye on it.”

Cllr Gittins also spoke out about pushing the case for devolution between CWaC, Cheshire East and Warrington over the next four years to help deliver the plan.

She added: “We need more powers locally and I will be urging Government for a devolution deal for our region and a growth deal that unites us across our border with Wales.”

To see the new plan in full, search ‘Cheshire West council plan’ online.