THE legal aspects of human resources were brought to life at Chester Business School with a mock tribunal.

Business students and human resources professionals played judge and panel in the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD) event.

Bramhalls, a law firm that acts for employers, kindly attended to stage the mock tribunal, which featured a role play of an unfair dismissal case, with two witnesses for the employer giving evidence about the dismissal as well as the claimant.

Phil Bramhall played the role of the judge and heard legal arguments from both solicitors before coming to his judgement.

The event was a great way to learn about how a real tribunal deals with unfair dismissal cases. The joint Business School and CIPD event gave third year students the chance to network, as well as understand how to manage disciplinary cases legally.

All were fully involved and immersed in the events and collectively gave their decision on what they thought the outcome should be.

Third year International Business Management student Kieran Palmer wanted to attend the session to experience a tribunal scenario. He said: “It shows how important it is to stick to policy and procedures. I am enjoying the variety of my degree course and want to go into a career in recruitment, so it has been really interesting to see what it would be like.”

Phil Bramhall said: “We were delighted to be able to do this today. I have worked with Karen and the CIPD for over 20 years and these events are a great way for HR students and CIPD members to experience what it’s like to be in a tribunal and give evidence at a final hearing without the stress, risks and costs of having to go through the real thing.”