A DESIGNER who launched her own brand of new sustainable fashion in Chester has fulfilled her lifelong dream of showcasing a collection during London Fashion Week.

Within six months of being established, Anna Roseblade, of Roseblade Designs, showcased a bespoke collection during the event and has already been asked to return with a new collection in September.

Roseblade Designs strives to be sustainable and ethical by reducing the carbon waste and water footprint of the products created.

Anna, 23, focused her collection for London Fashion Week on denim, taking pre-loved denim donated from people all over the country and turning it into new products. She chose to concentrate on this particular material, as extending the life of denim by just nine months can reduce the water footprint by 25-30 per cent.

Anna showcased her one-of-a-kind collection named MINED-DENIM at London Fashion Week on February 15 at an off-schedule show for Fashion Show Live, as the only sustainable designer during the day.

The collection included an exclusive range of women’s apparel made entirely from textile products, focusing on denim, that were already in circulation to coincide with her business aim of sustainable fashion.

The designs featured used denim from brands such as Henry Holland, Levi Strauss, Versace, Jack Wills and many more donated from more than 50 people. Her creations represented fashion trends for AW/20 including a bespoke riding jacket made entirely from Henry Holland jeans and a mini poncho, using pre-loved children’s denim.

Roseblade Designs pledges for more sustainability in fashion and illustrated this through the MINED-DENIM collection. Most of the pieces exposed labels on the exterior to demonstrate the origin of the denim.

Anna’s final piece was an extravagant, bright pink, painted tulle dress made from a donated bridesmaid outfit, paired with a long denim skirt made from 35 pairs of jeans. The collection also included Anna’s own hand-painted designs printed sustainably in Manchester on pre-used fabrics.

As a recent graduate of London College of Fashion, Anna has previously worked for acclaimed designers and companies including Christopher Raeburn, French Connection, and Jack Wills.

Since returning to her home city, Anna’s creations have entered production within renowned designer Matthew O’Brien’s collection and she recently showcased her first collection at Cheshire Fashion Week in December 2019.

Anna Roseblade, owner and creative designer at Roseblade Designs, said: “At London Fashion Week I showcased a complete collection of sustainable clothing, I believe it is something everyone in society needs to get on board with. We have to stop throwing away products that are still suitable to be worn or used. I want to raise awareness of sustainability in fashion and be a part of the current Fashion Revolution that is starting to gain momentum. My brand will hopefully encourage younger generations to look for more sustainable options over the high-street-ready available products.

“I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to showcase my collection at London Fashion Week and I hope to bring my sustainable collections back to the runway next year.”