A MAJOR road on the outskirts of Chester has been closed due to a 'substantial' fuel spillage.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Cheshire police teams have been deployed to the scene of the incident on the A51 Tarvin Road, between the Stamford Bridge junction and the Tarvin Roundabout.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area, with police managing traffic at the Vicars Cross Roundabout. There is a large build-up of traffic as a result of the incident.

A police spokesperson said officers had been called at 10.15am to the incident and the road was closed in both directions.

The spillage is said to have happened after an HGV - an articulated wagon carrying food - went over a manhole cover and punctured a tyre, with fuel then leaking on to the road.

No injuries have been reported but police are in attendance managing traffic.

Highways, fire, council and police teams are at the scene, with sandbags being deployed to soak up the fuel.

Cheshire Fire and rescue Service said the HGV's fuel tank had been ruptured and a large amount of diesel poured on to the carriageway.

Firefighters have been using specialist absorbent pads and mats to soak up the fuel.

They have also isolated ignition sources and covered drains to prevent the spilt diesel from entering the drainage system.

An inner cordon has been set up and a safety jet is in place as a precaution.

None of the spilt fuel is believed to have entered the drains.

The road was reopened at 3.20pm.