A CHESTER woman's Facebook group which offers a safe place for women to socialise and support each other came to the aid of a mum in desperate need.

Terri Acton set up the Unapologetic Female group as a place where women can seek support for mental health issues and well-being, as well as a place to talk, rant, laugh or cry.

The group offers something called ‘anonymous posting’, a service where women can send Terri or other admins a post/question and they will post it on the group, hiding their identity.

Terri explained a lot of women use this as they have quite complex issues or it’s a sensitive topic and want to keep their privacy.

She added: "A lady from North Wales got in touch anonymously only looking for someone to listen and chat to.

"She explained that she was in a desperate state and was struggling to feed herself and the kids, admittedly only eating if the kids had leftover food.

"As you can imagine this broke my heart. I couldn’t go to bed without doing something."

Fortunately, help was at hand from the group's members.

Terri added: "The other ladies on the group were commenting on the post asking if there was something they could do as they have been in the same situation.

"We asked if members going help someone in need and I couldn’t believe it.

"In less than two hours, the women of the group donated £535 for the woman and her two kids!

"We have also arranged for care packages and other much-needed supplies to be sent to this lady.

"We wanted to share this story and our group as this has highlighted just how many families are struggling and don’t have many places to go for support.

"I run this group with the help of another admin and it's our pride and joy. We have helped hundreds of women over the last two years.

"We continue to spread awareness and invite women to come and join us."

The Facebook group can be found by typing 'unapologetic female' into a Facebook search. From there, would-be members can ask to join the group, to be approved by the admin team.