CHESHIRE'S police and crime commissioner David Keane says the number of PCSOs will drop for a ‘short while’ in some parts of the county.

During last week’s Cheshire police and crime panel meeting at Warrington Town Hall, he was asked about PCSOs who have ‘been recruited to become police officers’ and whether that is a ‘general trend’ across the area.

Labour’s Mr Keane confirmed some PCSOs have been applying to become police officers and that the constabulary welcomes those applications.

He said ‘we mustn’t stop them from applying and developing their careers’.

Mr Keane told the panel the force has an action plan and opened a recruitment window last week for PCSOs and police officers.

However, he added it does mean PCSO numbers ‘would drop for a short while’ in some areas, although there is a plan in place to ‘very quickly’ increase the number again before the end of the financial year.