A MAN subjected to a curfew as part of a Chester court order has had it amended – so he can go to a Christmas party.

Joshua Wainwright, 38, of Alder Grove, had been handed the electronically monitored curfew after being convicted at Chester Magistrates Court on November 25 of stalking.

However Wainwright, who has learning difficulties, had been invited to a Christmas party organised by his care providers 1st Enable.

James Bagby, defending, said normally an application to amend a community order would not be made, as the order is imposed as a punishment.

But Mr Bagby explained the supported living providers 1st Enable "would like" Wainwright to attend their Christmas party on December 18.

He would have one-to-one support on the night and would return home no later than 11.30pm.

Separately, an email had been sent from a social worker from a care co-ordinator requesting that Wainwright attend a meal and pantomime in Wrexham the following night, where he would also be supervised.

Mr Bagby added that the application was not so Wainwright could serve less time on his curfew, and if possible, an extra two days could be added at the end of the original imposed end date.

Magistrates were also made aware that Wainwright had had a difficult year with a family bereavement.

The bench agreed to allow Wainwright to go to the Christmas party and the pantomime the following day, believing that not to do so would cause a "disproportionate effect" on his mental health, particularly in light of him going through a grieving process.

The curfew would be amended for December 18 and 19, and would not be extended beyond its original end date.