DEMONSTRATORS against the global climate emergency have held their first protest in Chester.

Extinction Rebellion had a seasonal theme on Saturday, December 7, when members highlighted the plight of the Arctic, the traditional home of Santa Claus.

The Arctic is melting at an unprecedented rate and is potentially likely to be free from ice during the summer by 2035, meaning Father Christmas and polar bears will no longer have a home.

Also of concern to Santa is the loss of his reindeer. Because of global warming, much of the snow is melting and turning to ice. The reindeer traditionally find their food by clearing away the snow with their hooves.

They are now finding that their food is enclosed in ice and they cannot eat it.

During the last 10 years ,huge numbers of the reindeer have died from starvation because of this.

A recent report from Climate Central shows that melting ice will cause sea level rise which by 2050 will cause widespread flooding of the Deeside, Sealand and Saltney industrial estates, and the residential properties surrounding them.

A spokesperson from Extinction Rebellion said: “Do we stand back and watch this happen? Do we embrace a green revolution that saves our planet and secures the future or our grandchildren, or do we look them in the eye and say I am sorry I have left you in a real mess?”

XR is demanding that the Government tells the truth about global heating, and takes immediate action to reduce actions and reach net zero.

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