A FAITHFUL and dedicated member of St John Ambulance has died at the age of 87.

Yvonne Albon of Tarvin began her St John career as a cadet in Ipswich during the Second World War, where she was engaged in a wide range of charity work and first aid training that culminated in her receiving the Grand Prior’s badge that she wore on her St John uniform all her adult service.

Yvonne began her working life in Ipswich before moving to London, where she was a unit superintendent and took up youth work before moving to Chester in 1970, where she continued that career, employed by Cheshire County Council as head of youth clubs and Duke of Edinburgh training until her retirement.

She used her youth work experience in senior St John leadership and training roles and completed her long and productive adult service as the County Commissioner.

She was invested into the Order of St John as a member in 1964 and ultimately promoted to Dame of the Order in 2000 in recognition of her achievements throughout her St John career.

However, retirement from St John life was not for her.

She was an active and valued member of the St John Council before moving to the County Priory Group; she remained a steadfast supporter of all things in St John, particularly cadets and the Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

She was the county representative and fundraiser for the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem and frequently visited the Holy Land, Malta and Rhodes, following the history of the Order of St John.

Last year, at the age of 86, she relinquished her role with the Eye Hospital.

She died at the Countess of Chester Hospital after a short illness on Monday, November 25, aged 87.

Her funeral will be held at St Andrew’s church, Tarvin, at 9.50am on December 16.

All friends, as well as past and present members of St John Ambulance, are most welcome.