A DESPERATE search for a missing cat in Great Sutton has entered its second week – and his distraught owner has appealed to the Standard for help.

Charlie will be disorientated, bewildered and looking for shelter and food. He arrived at his new home on November 17 but went missing just six days later and worryingly there have been no sightings of him since.

He is a large fluffy white cat with distinctive black markings and a black tail; he is chipped and neutered.

Residents in the St Asaph Road area off the A41 are asked to report any sightings on any of the numbers listed below urgently.

They are also asked to search their garages and outbuildings as it is feared he may be trapped and starving; those with cat flaps are also asked to be vigilant.

All are urged not to chase him, nor to try and catch him, but to telephone one of the numbers below if you believe you have spotted him.

He may respond to gentle calling and the offer of food, and if you can tempt him into your house and then call or text one of the numbers below that would be wonderful.

However, all are reminded that they should not feed a cat that is not their own on a regular basis without first checking to see if it is chipped.

If anyone spots Charlie, they are urged to call Wendy on 07796 414526, Louise on 07851 110202 or Chris on 07752 322240.