A LACHE charity has received a massive boost as it prepares to open the doors on a new social supermarket which will help hard-up members of the community.

Members of the Live Laugh Lache charity have had a busy six months getting ready for the opening of their shop, Lache Larder.

The interior of the shop is starting to come together with a piano, a serving counter which is being made from pallet boxes by volunteer Rob Randall, a talented carpenter who lives in the Lache.

Rob has been working really hard to get the serving counter and interior ready. He said: "Demolishing the pallets is the hardest part but seeing it all coming together is worth it."

On Thursday, November 28, the Live Laugh Lache team had a celebration with cake made by Katie Lockett, treasurer and director who said: "It’s so exciting to see the shop coming on now, there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes and we are ready for the next stage of this project."

Live Laugh Lache accepted a cheque from Louise Teesdale from Vinci for the amount of £4,400 which will be used to buy a sink, electric industrial cooker, fridges and a freezer.

Louise Teesdale from Ringway, on behalf of Vinci UK, said: "I was delighted to nominate Live Laugh Lache as a sponsor. They started with an idea of being Food Waste Warriors which has escalated into opening a social supermarket aiming to provide affordable food to local residents which will no doubt have a very positive impact on the local area."

There was also a big thank you to Rob Ffoulkes, a community champion from Tesco, who has donated a printer, scanner, photocopier, kettle, microwave and free milk, sugar and tea bags for a year.

Director Sue Gibson said: "It is with donations like this that we are able to continue with our work and help create a strong community spirit."

The style of the Lache Larder shop will have a botanic theme, heritage, reclaimed wood, rustic and natural to compliment the environmental and creative feel of the shop.

Director Daniel Roberts said: "We’ve all worked so hard to make this happen on a shoestring budget, it has brought us together.

"We’ve had ups and downs but we have achieved so much, it is such an inspiring project, working amongst the community.

"It is great to see so many people benefit while reducing the environmental impact of food waste."

The Lache Larder collects surplus food donated by supermarkets and redistributes it for a pay as you feel donation.

Director Hannah Kaira said: "We are all volunteers and have had loads of support from local residents and community champions in supermarkets and we have already seen a difference in community spirit and a decrease in social isolation."

Live Laugh Lache is linking up with Woodwork 2 Wellness in Saltney, and they will be using its sheds to make a lot of the interior and signage for the outside of the shop and beds, so that they can grow strawberries, herbs and plants.

Graham Stephens, of Woodwork 2 Wellness, said: "We are looking forward to working with the Lache community on this project.

"Woodwork helps general wellbeing and health so it is a worthwhile hobby to take up."

There also has been the trial of Lache Larder every Friday from 10am-noon at the Lache Community Centre where residents can buy a bag of shopping for £1, which has been hugely popular with numbers of people who use it, increasing over the last couple of months.

Alison Golds said: "I have spoken to residents who come along on a Friday who are having a big struggle because of low incomes.

"The affordable shopping is such a big help for them in these times of austerity."

The Live Laugh Lache team is thinking of many projects for The Larder in the future; the space can be used to encourage and build up local residents' creative ventures and volunteers will be able to build up work experience and build up their CVs.

There are also ideas for a recovery cafe to be held weekly and healthy and tasty food will be created for everyone to enjoy.

Sarah Marie Manning, administrator of Live Laugh Lache, said: "We have so many ideas and this is a community venture where we will listen to what the members of the community want to see also, so if any one has any more ideas please get in touch with us!"

There is also a cafe area for people to sit and socialise.

Director Rita Owen said: "This project gives me a reason to get up in the morning."

The Live Laugh Lache team wishes to thank Sanctuary for their funding, all the supermarkets, Fairshare, Morrisons, Co-op and Waitrose and to TSB bank, which has generously given £200.

The Lache Larder plans to be open in the new year, in January or February.