MYSTERY surrounds the early morning appearance of footprints on a frosty Chester street with some suggesting it could be a mythical Yeti!

Sue Mason spotted the barefoot prints at around 8.30am on Sunday morning in Boughton, opposite Waitrose, on her way to work at Chester Beer & Wine in Handbridge.

She took a photo and posted it on Facebook, sparking an online debate about why someone - or something - would neglect to don socks and shoes as temperatures plummeted below zero over the weekend.

One man speculated it could be a Yeti - the legendary abominable snowman - although this might seem unlikely as most sightings occur in the Himalayan mountains 4,500 miles away.

Someone else suggested it could be a sleep-walker while another pointed out the print appears to have six toes.

A woman joked: "Always thought it was a bit spooky that side of the river!"

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