OPERATIC duo Belle Voci are set to wow audiences in the area with a series of Christmas concerts.

Emily Burnett and Sophie Rohan will perform at the Town Hall on December 7 as well as Hope Parish Church on November 29 and St Boniface Church in Bunbury on December 14.

The pair, who made it to the final of The Voice, will be supported by a local school choir in every leg of their tour, which includes other venues out of the area.

Sophie, from Tarporley, said: “It’s really important to us to encourage younger generations to have the confidence to perform and explore music, especially as it’s becoming less important in school syllabuses and even being completely disregarded as a subject in some schools.

“For the Chester concert we will be joined by the choirs of our former schools, The Queen’s School and Abbey Gate College as it’s where it all started for us.”

The singers will also be performing their new single, released on November 29, for the first time.

For more information visit www.bellevoci.co.uk where people can subscribe to the newsletter and find out about all upcoming shows and dates.