A 'DANCING' football fan who set off a flare and caused a pub to be evacuated in Chester city centre has been fined.

James White, 29, began waving it around and dancing as smoke filled the beer garden and began to waft through the Pied Bull on Northgate Street.

White, who had been to watch a football match on September 28, was then seen throwing the flare behind a plant pot and stamping it out.

The concerned landlord – who had no idea why his pub was filling with smoke – ordered everyone out of the building and contacted the emergency services.

“He said the pub had to be evacuated because they didn’t know where the smoke was coming from,” said Rob Youds, prosecuting at Chester Magistrates Court on Friday (October 18).

The defendant, who works as a civil engineer, was then pointed out and CCTV footage was checked.

“It showed that in the beer garden the defendant took out a flare, ignited it and started dancing around,” Mr Youds said.

“He then threw it behind a planter and tried to kick and stamp on it.”

White, of St Michael's Crescent in Stockton, Southam, was arrested and later pleaded guilty to one charge of using threatening behaviour.

Defending, Richard Sibeon stressed White had put the flare out himself but accepted the alarm and distress his actions caused.

“It was entirely stupid behaviour, no doubt under the influence of drink and the camaraderie of a football match,” the solicitor said.

White, who was also in breach of a suspended sentence order, was fined a total of £600 and ordered to pay £85 court costs.

He must also pay a victim surcharge of £60, which goes into a national pot to support victims of crime.