PILES of rubbish stacked to the ceiling, mould and damp seeping through floors and walls and flies crawling out of pipes – these are the conditions a Saltney woman has had to endure.

Gemma Waters lives in Montrose Court, off Mount Pleasant, directly above a communal bin storage area where piles of binbags and mattresses gather each week, creating a foul odour.

In the summer heat, the stench became unbearable, while the stacks of rubbish have reached the ceiling, leaving a large patch of mould which seeped through to Gemma's flat and shorting out the electrics.

All this has meant Gemma, 35, has been unable to use simple luxuries such as a fridge or freezer – what food she does store is kept in cool carrier bags – or even her cooker, which she says has not been used.

Gemma explained: "I can't even have a bath, as the smell of ammonia comes in and it's so bad. I have had to stay with friends or even book into a hotel just so I can have a proper meal and a bath, and flies have been coming out of pipes.

"I get carry-out food most of the time, but I go out on the streets. I hate coming back here, it's dangerous."

Gemma's neighbours point to the safety risks caused by the pile of rubbish, with one saying a lit match thrown in to the bin storage room eight years ago caused a fire which caused significant smoke damage.

Gemma, who was homeless before she moved in to the block of flats four years ago, added: "I am a clean person, I like to be clean.

"My mental health has deteriorated since I have gone in here, I have had chest infections, bronchitis and use an inhaler. My blood pressure has gone higher. I wish I have never accepted the offer of moving in.

"I would happily swap with someone, but who would move into this flat?"

Gemma added she even had to give up her pet lizard as the electrics cutting out meant the heating lamp in the lizard's tank stopped working.

In response, A spokesperson for Your Housing Group, which runs the block of flats in Montrose Court, said: “We are keen to work with Ms Waters and other agencies to resolve the issues relating to her home.”

The company added the bin stores are inspected monthly and any large items will be removed as quickly as possible.

In addition, Your Housing Group will be calling a multi-agency meeting to get the various issues resolved.