An MP who was sacked by Boris Johnson for rebelling on Brexit has received a threatening message.

Antoinette Sandbach lost a vote of confidence among members of her local Conservative Party association on Tuesday night.

She is currently appealing over the suspension of the Tory whip, following the Prime Minister's decision to strip her of it after she voted with Opposition MPs to take control of the Commons order paper last month.

On Wednesday morning, Ms Sandbach tweeted a picture of a message she had received which included what appeared to be a death threat.

Along with the picture of the message, she wrote: "This in my inbox this morning."

Tory members in her Eddisbury constituency in Cheshire voted no confidence in her on Tuesday.

The vote was symbolic but it opens the door to formal deselection.

Ms Sandbach complained of "entryism" and said she was granted only three minutes to set out her defence.

She said: "This is obviously deeply disappointing, but I won't allow an unrepresentative handful of people decide who gets to be the MP for tens of thousands of Eddisbury voters.

"All my constituents can rest assured that I will continue to represent them in Parliament, standing up for a sensible, pragmatic Brexit deal and confirming that it is what the people want through a 'final say' confirmatory referendum."