A CHESTER butchers shop that has been looking after a lad's bike after he took a nasty tumble a fortnight ago is appealing for him and his family to collect it.

Margaret Edge, whose son Bruce runs Ernest W Edge & Son in Handbridge, said she had witnessed the schoolboy aged around eight or nine falling off his bike on the suspension bridge near The Groves at around 5pm on Tuesday, September 24.

She said: "I was coming over the bridge towards the Queen's Park side and heard this wailing and crying. As I came down the steps I saw the mother cradling the little boy. She said he'd gone over the handlebars."

They were waiting for her father but Mrs Edge suggested calling an ambulance as the lad had knocked his head - although thankfully he had been wearing a helmet.

She then offered to look after the bike and Bruce came along to collect it.

However, no one has dropped by the shop to retrieve it in the past two weeks.

"I just wonder if she's forgotten that I said I'd look after the bike what with everything going on at the time," Mrs Edge said. "I just want them to know we still have the bike for them to collect."