A VEHICLE carrying chicken innards has spilt onto a road in Sandycroft.

The load of chicken guts was shed on Glendale Avenue near to the 2 Sisters Poultry Ltd factory on Tuesday morning.

Images shared with the Leader on social media show the offal strung across the road with a lingering smell as council workers are on the scene for a clean-up operation.

A spokesman for 2 Sisters Poultry said: "A contracted driver picked up waste material from site at 4.30am this morning.

"Unfortunately, it appears more material than the usual capacity of the vehicle was loaded, and as a result some of the load split a short distance away from site.

"Teams were alerted to the spillage and have removed the majority of waste, and a cleaning contractor are now deep cleaning the affected area."

Flintshire County Council’s Chief Officer for Streetscene and Transportation, Steve Jones, said: “This morning Flintshire County Council was notified that a heavy goods vehicle had shed its load in Sandycroft, resulting in animal by-products on the public highway. Streetscene operatives were deployed to assist with the clear-up, which has now been completed.”

Chester and District Standard:

Chicken guts across Sandycroft road [Image by @redbungle / Twitter]

Chester and District Standard:

Council workers are on the scene to clean up the innards strung across the road and pavement