A MUM is warning parents to be on their guard near a Chester park after her six-year-old son was attacked by a dog.

Lydia Rutter had been walking Doberman Roma and Chihuahua Coco on the Hoole playing fields at around 8pm on Wednesday (October 2) when Finlay was bitten on the stomach.

Chester and District Standard:

The attack happened on Hoole Playing Fields.

She told The Standard: “It was a Staffie or Mastiff type of dog. There was no warning or growling or anything.

“It tried going for him again but my husband scared it away and grabbed my son and told my daughter to run out the field behind the gate.

“The dog then started following me as I was trying to pick my Chihuahua up.”

Chester and District Standard:

Finlay Rutter was bitten by a dog.

She continued: “I was shouting at the man to get the dog as I was scared it was going to bite me and I told him it had bitten my son. He just said ‘no it wouldn't have bit your son’.

“A short while later my husband caught up with him in the car while me and the kids and dog waited and the man said he was sorry and it's only ever bitten small dogs before and never kids.”

Chester and District Standard:

The dog's jaws left a mark on Finlay.

Lydia, who is from Hoole but now lives in Blacon, said the incident had frightened the whole family and she was worried about the impact it could have on Finlay.

“To be honest it scared us all,” she said. “I was thinking ‘is that it? My son’s going to get ragged by this dog now!’

“More so my son was very upset and wondering why it was him that got bitten. I'm worried now he won’t want to go near dogs and he was such a dog lover too.”

She added: “People need to know what happened so they can be aware that this can easily happen and to stop it happening again.”

Lydia said that she didn’t have time to take pictures or videos as she was concentrating on getting her children out of danger.

Chester and District Standard:

Teeth marks.

But she said the dog owner was around 30 to 40 years old, of a very slim build with dark facial hair. His dog was medium size and a beige colour with a red light on its collar.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police confirmed they had received reports of a dog attack in Hoole and said officers were investigating.

Anyone with information should call the non-emergency number on 101 quoting incident number 529007.

Chester and District Standard: