A COUNTER-DEMO has taken place outside the Storyhouse in Chester.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is being performed at the venue until Saturday, has attracted protestors from the Zion Tabernacle Protestant Evangelical Church all week.

However, on Tuesday evening, Joe Fergus and his boyfriend Robert Brookes, were photographed kissing in front of the churchgoers and on Thursday, members of the LGBT+ community and others wanting to show solidarity held their own counter demo.

Chester and District Standard:

The counter-demo protestors show their solidarity to those in the LGBT+ community

Helen Rutherford-Gregory, one of the organisers, said she was there to protest for equality and show solidarity with her friends in the LGBT+ community.

She said: "I believe these people behind me should be arrested because they are committing a hate crime. They are targetting the LGBT+ community with words of hate.

Chester and District Standard:

"They're talking about things in the Bible from thousands of years ago and it's hate; that's why they're shouting it out here, targeting these people. That's why we're creating a barrier between them and the people that we care about."

Follow protestor Una Meehan said: "People should be allowed to enter a public building safely and without fear.

"Regardless of what you are going in there to do, whether it be going in for dinner, to the cinema or library, or to the see the wonderful Rocky Horror, which is a celebration of diversity."

The counter demo were joined outside the venue by some of the cast of the show, who performed an impromptu rendition of the hit song 'Time Warp' which gained rapturous applause from those waiting on the street to go inside.