THIS photograph is the message that those in the LGBTQ+ community want to send around the world.

In a week where images of a small group of protestors upset by a Chester theatre staging the Rocky Horror Show were shared - others wanted to celebrate tolerance, inclusivity and love.

The Rocky Horror Show is a musical directed by Christopher Luscombe and is currently showing at Storyhouse this week.

It features themes surrounding homosexuality, rock n’ roll and strong language to name a few and is followed by many on social media and across the country.

Chester and District Standard:

Photo: Chester Pride

The photograph in question was shared to the Chester Pride Facebook page, who gave the Standard permission to use it, shows two young men kissing in front of religious protesters on the second night of the show.

Many people wrote to the Facebook group with their support and love regarding the two males’ actions, hailing them for hitting back in their own act of defiance.


Chester and District Standard:

The Rocky Horror Show

The churchgoers, representatives of the Zion Tabernacle Protestant Evangelical Church in Chester, have stood outside the entrance opposite to Storyhouse, with signs in hand that depict various religious verses in rebellion of the spectacle inside.

The likes of Storyhouse, those who feature in The Rocky Horror Show and the LGBTQ+ community have taken to Twitter and Facebook to fight back themselves, posting photos, sharing hashtags and writing positive words of encouragement.


One user on Twitter replied: “Coming tomorrow night and no naysayers or queer bashers will put us off, whatever their prophecies may be!”

This is also not the only time the protesters have been seen at an event, as in 2015 they held similar signs which objected against Chester Pride.

A man by the name of Dean Paton, founder of Big Heritage – a social enterprise which engages schools, museums and communities with the past, protested against the protesters with a sign of his own, creating a video which was shared and eventually reported on by newspapers such as the Independent and Metro.

It read: “Homophobes are statistically more likely to be gay.” with an arrow pointing towards them, referencing a 1996 study by Henry E. Adams which found homophobic people were more than likely becoming aroused by watching homosexual porn."

The acts being taken against these protesters have been met with an overwhelming sense of acceptance and joy, some horrified by the protesting in the first place and others simply happy for those who express themselves.

At the same time, it is also giving the musical production more publicity – something which is thought of as a positive by those on Twitter and Facebook.

A user on Twitter wrote: “All the protesters have done is make me and other people wanna see it even more now it’s great free advertising for you”.

And on Sunday Chester Pride will take place on its rescheduled date.

The city will be awash with colour and celebration.

The event, rescheduled from August, will feature the parade at noon and a feast of music acts at the M&S Bank Stage at Castle Square from 1pm.

Besides protests at Pride events, Zion Tabernacle Protestant Evangelical Church also protest against the city’s Winter Watch Parade every December saying the devil and skeleton costumes celebrate “darkness, death and evil”.