A HALF-NAKED man who crashed through the window of a family home in Blacon yesterday morning returned later that evening to apologise.

But he then “flipped” again and ran away screaming he’d been shot and claiming his life was in danger.

The Standard reported on Tuesday (September 17) that a mother had been shocked when the man dived through the living room window while her seven-year-old daughter was watching TV at 7am.

She and her partner screamed at him to leave and he was swiftly arrested and taken to hospital for treatment to his cuts.

But he was later discharged and returned to the family’s home in the area of Browning Close at around 7.30pm.

Chester and District Standard:

The smashed window and blood-stains after the man crashed through the family's living room window on Tuesday morning.

The mum, who did not wish to be named, told this newspaper: “He was walking past in the same blood covered shorts, barefoot with a T-shirt on. He tried to apologise to my partner who was outside sorting the garden where the glass was.

“My partner said ‘well I have a seven-year-old who won’t eat or sleep now’, and the man flipped again running away and screaming call the police I’ve been shot he’s going to kill me!”

The family have been left shocked as to how the man was able to return to their home so soon after initially being arrested.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police confirmed they had been called to Shelley Road at 7.34pm on Tuesday following reports of a disturbance.

She said: “A man was in the street shouting and ran off. Police made a search of the area and located him near a convenience store on Blacon Avenue.

“A 40-year-old man was arrested and taken to hospital by ambulance.”