Chester shop assistant Steph Blackwell was all emotional after being named this week's star baker on The Great British Bake Off.

The 28-year-old wowed the judges during Tuesday's show on Channel 4, which also saw Phil Thorne become the fourth baker to leave.

After being told she was star baker, a delighted Steph celebrated by ringing her mum and sharing her good news.

Steph - who lives in Chester with her mum - is now just one of nine bakers remaining on the show.

Driver Phil, the oldest baker on the show, came unstuck during a closely-fought week.

All contestants received a rebuke from Paul Hollywood for not trying hard enough, but it was Phil who was asked to leave.

He struggled out of his comfort zone to attempt Bundt cake in the signature, a centuries-old dessert in the technical, and an Indian milk dessert in the showstopper.

Phil said: "My worst moment in the tent has to be leaving, as I was a bit shocked to be going.

"When they did announce my name that I was leaving I was deflated admittedly, and disappointed, but at the end of the day someone has to go, it's the way of the competition.

"You just have to be stoic about it and I have got broad shoulders and I knew I would be able to carry it okay."

Hollywood said: "Phil was particularly shocked, and he had justification to be shocked because it was that tight, it was that close.

"He struggled in his showstopper, which is why sadly, Phil had to leave."