A CHESTER mum has spoken of her shock when a half-naked man crashed through the living room window while her daughter was watching TV.

She told The Standard the man had thrown a brick plant-pot through the window of their Blacon home before trying to clamber through, screaming that he’d been shot.

He was ordered to leave by the traumatised family, who called the police shortly after 7am today (Tuesday, September 17).

Chester and District Standard:

The plantpot used to smash the window.

Wearing shorts and stripped to the waist, the man left via their front door – still screaming that he had been shot – and was soon apprehended by police officers.

The resident, who lives in the area of Browning Close, told this newspaper: “I’m now not feeling safe in my own home. I have a seven-year-old who is normally so confident clinging to my side, while I am so shaken up and tearful.

“My partner has had to sort everything from cleaning up blood, soil and glass, to ordering a new window. The police claim the male cannot remember anything as it was drug-induced.”

Recounting her ordeal, the mother - who wished to remain anonymous - said her daughter had come downstairs that morning to have breakfast before the usual pre-school routines began.

She said: “As I was getting out of bed I heard two almighty bangs and her screaming for me so I ran downstairs thinking she was hurt. I thought the TV had fallen off the wall.

Chester and District Standard:

Smashed glass in the living room where the seven-year-old was watching TV.

“I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner in the hallway to see glass all over my living room, my daughter stood on the sofa screaming and crying and a half-naked man hanging through the living room window.”

She said she then screamed at the top of her lungs and her partner came racing in to see what was happening.

“In the two seconds it took my partner to reach my side the man had flipped through the window and was lying in the glass and screeching at us that he’d been shot.

“My partner told him to get the f*** out of our house and the male just said 'I’ve been shot' again. He was told to leave again whilst my partner picked up the big brick boot-shaped flower pot he had thrown through.

“The man unlocked my front door and left, still screeching, going up the road banging on doors and windows until he was detained.”

Chester and District Standard:

Blood on the doorframe of the Blacon home.

She added: “I had called 999 in this time while my partner had followed him in his car. 999 had informed me I was the fifth person to call but now he had entered my property it was actually classed as an emergency.”

A spokesman for Cheshire Police confirmed they had initially been called out to reports of a man trying to climb through a window he had broken.

They then received further calls saying a man was "running around Browning Close shouting with no top on and was bleeding".

She added: "There was also a call about a man who was bleeding jumping in and out of bushes on Saxon Way.

"Police located the man and he was taken to the Countess of Chester by ambulance to be treated."

Chester and District Standard:

Blood can be seen on the bonnet of the police car.

North West Ambulance Service confirmed they had been called to the scene at 6.44am but could not give further details as it related to a private address.

Alarmed neighbours had taken to Facebook this morning with on reporting around six police cars and an ambulance at the scene.

Another wrote: "[There was] some bloke running and screaming. It was really scary."