TWO men who were pursued by police after driving dangerously through the centre of Frodsham have been sentenced to 27 months in prison.

Joshua Austin-Tudor, aged 27, of Brown Street in Middleton was found guilty of theft, going equipped to steal and dangerous driving. He was sentenced to 18 months.

Arbie Kent, 34, of Watersedge in Frodsham, was also found guilty of going equipped to steal and sentenced to nine months.

At 3.40pm on February 23, Austin-Tudor and Kent were seen driving an Audi which had been stolen from Surrey the previous month.

The vehicle had also been used to commit a number of theft and burglary offences in the Cheshire area.

When police spotted the car they attempted to stop it, however the men refused and instead drove dangerously and at high speed through Frodsham.

Austin-Tudor and Kent attempted to abandon the vehicle but were caught by police and arrested.

An extensive search of the car found a number of cloned number plates along with items such as screwdrivers and walkie-talkies. Officers also seized a circular saw which had been reported stolen.

Detective Constable Simon Parker, of Chester Local Policing Unit, said: “Offenders such as these operate with impunity and have a total lack of regard for their victims, the lives of other road users and the impact that their crimes have on innocent members of the public.

"Eventually, both men pleaded guilty and they will now spend time in prison which will protect our community from their crimes.”

Both men were sentenced at Chester Crown Court on Thursday, September 12, where they were told to each pay a victim surcharge of £140.

Both were also disqualified from driving with Austin-Tudor banned for two years and nine months and Kent for one year and four months.