A TOWN councillor has been left "devastated" after thieves made off with her motorbike and an "irreplaceable" family item.

The Leader reported over the weekend how a motorbike and a tent had been stolen from a property in North Street, in Saltney Ferry, overnight between August 30 and 31.

Gardening tools were also taken from the property.

The owner, Saltney town councillor Shelly Streeter, spoke of her shock and described the impact the incident has had on her.

She explained: "I can't walk far because I have quite bad arthritis in my knees and ankle, so the bike was my only way of getting around.

"I'd had it since 2010 and it gave me independence. Now I'm just not getting around, unless my husband can take me in the car but he uses it for work as well."

The theft of the tent and tools was also deeply upsetting for Cllr Streeter.

She explained: "We don't go on holiday abroad - we use that tent to go camping and we go two or three times a year.

"One of the tools they took was an axe my dad gave me about 15 years ago. He died in 2008, so it is irreplaceable really.

"And we're not going to get the full value back for the bike, the tent or the tools.

"I'll probably get about £800 for the bike which won't get a decent replacement.

"So even though we have insurance, we're still going to be left out of pocket.

"This has devastated me. On the day it happened I was just numb. "It is just despicable that people think they can just come onto your property and take things and there won't be consequences.

"But they don't realise the impact it has on people. It is not a victimless crime."

The bike stolen was a red Yamaha YBR 125.

Anyone who has information can contact police on 101 with reference number X127243.