ESSEX-based Northern Soul band The Signatures are bring to their high energy live music to The Live Rooms in Chester on October 12.

The Signatures, will be providing musical accompaniment for Nolan Porter.

Northern Soul was a dance and music movement that emerged from the North of the UK in the 1970’s based on rare American soul music.

The Signatures have provided backing for some of the most influential original musicians from the Northern Soul scene - Brenda Holloway, Tobi Legend, Dean Parrish, Tommy Hunt, Pat Lewis, Jimmy Thomas, Ruby Andrews and Sidney Barnes, to name a few.

Establishing themselves in 2009, The Signatures started on the UK scooter and Mod scene, progressing on to the UK Northern Soul scene as well as playing major music festivals and corporate events. Bringing their brand of power and energy, The Signatures put their own expression to the music from the world famous Northern Soul clubs like The Wigan Casino, The Twisted Wheel and Blackpool Mecca.

Nolan had a string of Soul and R&B hits in the ‘70s and could regularly be heard on the dance floors of many of Britain’s most popular Northern Soul dance halls. He is seen as a pioneer by departing from the gospel influenced performances of James Brown or Otis Reading in favour of a more lowkey and emotive vocal style.

The evening at the Live Rooms in Chester on October 12 will see a set from up-and-coming soul vocalist Stefan Taylor covering an upbeat collection of rare and classic Northern Soul hits and the set of original and iconic soul standards from Nolan Porter - all backed by The Signatures, a full 11-piece band featuring Hammond organ.

Gavin, drummer and manager of the band, said: “I’m really looking forward to performing at The Live Rooms - Chester has such a strong fan base and history associated with the Northern Soul scene, so it’s bound to be a great night in a wonderful live music venue.”

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