Firefighters have been praised for their hard work after water flooded through the garages and gardens of several Broughton homes.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service received a call just after 4.15pm on Wednesday reporting flooding due to a burst water main in Wynnstay Road.

Firefighters have so far spent several hours pumping water from gardens and driveways in the road.

Resident Rhiannon Jones-Gentile, 32, told the Leader: "It burst on the school field and ran right down the road.

"I pulled up and saw the flashing lights and fire engines and then saw the water - I was absolutely shocked."

Her husband Kenny Gentile, 45, said: "It got into our downstairs and in the kitchen.

"The garden is just flooded and our pond has disappeared - our fish have gone too.

"About 10 to 12 houses were affected. We really want to thank the firefighters, they have been amazing."

Cllr Klaus Armstrong-Braun, who lives nearby, said: "This is the second flood in six months and I feel it is an infrastructure problem.

"They need to investigate the whole system, tell us what the problem was and what they are going to do about it because this has just been a disaster for residents.

"I have been here since 1974 and I have never seen anything like this. I would like to say a big thank you to the firefighters."

Sharon McKenna, 49, said her 75-year-old mother Gill Dugan's home had been one of those affected.

She said: "It got into my mum's kitchen but stopped at the living room door. Fortunately my sister was with her so she was not too panicked, but if she had been on her own it would have been different.

"I was completely shocked when I saw it - I've never seen anything like this."

Another resident, Sharron Warrenger, said: "My 82-year-old mum has been affected. Thank heavens it didn't get into the house but the back garden is underwater.

"She is very stressed and upset about it."

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed to the leader just before 8.30pm that two fire crews remain at the scene.