TODAY is National Burger Day and to celebrate The Standard reporters decided to venture out of the office to our favourite burger restaurant for lunch.

A quick poll revealed Five Guys as the venue of choice with the likes of Burger Shed, Nice Bites and Hickory’s all receiving honorary mentions.

We’ve had amazing dining experiences in all of the above, but when it comes to no-frills tasty burgers we felt Five Guys came out on top.

Major factors that tipped the balance were the ‘double patty’ structure, the sheer variety of extras and sauces that can be added, and buns that don’t disintegrate during the eating process.

The high-quality fries – both regular and Cajun - and particularly the milkshakes also added weight to Five Guys’ case (and may also add weight to other areas if consumed too often!)

So off we trotted to the Bridge Street eatery and it’s safe to say the experience didn’t disappoint.

(We were especially surprised to be offered bacon bits in our milkshakes on this particular visit! It may sound strange but it actually added a deliciously salty extra something to an already mighty-fine beverage!)

* Let us know where in Chester you had the best burger, and why it was so good, and we’ll publish them in a separate story to celebrate National Burger Day.

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