RESIDENTS on a “dangerous” road in Chester are campaigning to reduce the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph.

Homeowners in Sandy Lane, Boughton, are raising a petition in which they “respectfully but determinedly” call on Cheshire West and Chester Council to take action.

The petition states that there has been a marked increase in general traffic since the council last considered a similar request to reduce the limit.

And they also claim there has been a “noticeable increase” in large vehicles, including agricultural vehicles, delivery vehicles and fire engines which use the Sandy Lane Car Park for training purposes.

It also highlights the narrowness of the lane, especially at the lower end, much of it without pavements, and asserts that is “clearly unsuitable for the volume - and particularly the speeds - of the current traffic levels”.

The petition organiser Bob Clough-Parker said: “In essence, it’s a safety issue – safety for residents and road users alike, not least for children and families using the council-run children’s playground and water park on Sandy Lane.

“The current speed restriction is too often honoured in the breach rather than observance. There has recently been a serious accident – with one driver suffering major trauma injuries – and several ‘near misses’.”

Mr Clough-Parker said today (Monday, August 19) that he had 57 signatures so far and hoped it would help make the council aware of the strength of feeling surrounding safety on the road.